About Us – Update 2019

TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers is well founded on the basis of two premises.

Premise 1: The foundation of our country lies in the rural and district heartland.

Premise 2: The foundation of the country is build by micro & small enterprises, scalable SHGs, industrial and agricultural cooperatives, who provides the socio-economic baseline for the country’s stability, growth and mass employment and engagement.

Based on these two premises TotalStart launched it’s mission of

“Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Underdeveloped Regions and the Underprivileged Communities”

of our country through a structured engagement process. It started with two states of Sikkim and West Bengal, very intensely at the beginning, from the year 2010 till 2014 and then from it’s learnings evolved it’s

National Flagship Program: “Incubating and Scaling Micro & Small, Rural and District Level Entrepreneurs”

which presently is working out in 25 Regional District Hubs (an RDH is constituted of 3 or 4 districts in a state) across 12+ states, at different levels of engagement, depending on the budget availability and the focus for the state for that year. This national program is mostly funded by the founding members of TotalStart and some select exceptional support through CSR funding. The struggle of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder TotalStart has been equally uphill, as that of it’s beneficiaries and impactees – the micro and small enterprises at the rural and district levels. But the passion and dedication as entrepreneurs to make an impact as to where it matters the most is so very much ingrained in the DNA of the organization, it’s founding members and it’s Chief Visionary and Chief Catalyst Dr Suryanil Ghosh, that though it has been a tough struggle against all odds with hardly much support from any corner, the unrelenting spirit of “engaging and mentoring towards scaling rural and district enterprises” has carried on strongly and with higher intensity every year.

TotalStart’s National Flagship Program focuses on scouting for at least 50+ select micro or small rural and district level prospective or existing potentially scalable enterprises across 25 Regional District Hubs in 12+ select states, through it’s structured year long engagement, every year. Once scouted through a very engaged process of intensive workshops and onsite due diligence, the selected ones are supported by TotalStart almost as a co-founding team member (but always a mentor, but with skin in the game) to possibly scale them to become an INR 30 to 50 crores company in the next 5 to 7 years. Thus creating local rural and district level socio-economic growth and for sure larger scale of rural and district level employment, and with where possible, close engagement and association with the District Industries Centres (DICs) in each District where it is engaged. A very tough journey TotalStart has had with more pitfalls and failures then successes with respect to the number of engagements with mentees and incubatees, the enterprises which gets on board and who goes for the long haul of scaling. It has touched hundreds but ultimately select few stays on the path. But it has been constantly and dynamically learning, adapting, keeping in mind the sole mission of fostering entrepreneurship in underdeveloped regions and underprivileged communities.

Wrt underprivileged community engagement TotalStart has a unique focussed engagement which it started in 2016, a “Blind Entrepreneurship Development Initiative” which has now culminated in the formation of the first Industrial Cooperative Society in the country with cofounders as Blind and Differently abled Youth with the formation of the organization Mushroomers Agritech Coochbehar (Cluster & Rural Entrepreneurship Hub) Industrial Cooperative Society  in Coochbehar Bengal www.mushroomers.in. The vision is to create 12 such ICSs across the country in 10 states, with 8 from the North East.

TotalStart’s engagement with the Tribal youth and the tribal communities’ existing and prospective micro and small entrepreneurs in the districts of East Singbhum, West Singbhum and Seraikela-Kharsawan, partially supported by a Tata group company TSPDL www.tspdl.com needs a special mention, as this model of corporate engagement and support through affirmative action programs can be across the whole country, by enabling many more organizations like us.