A Possible Scalable TV Tower Specialist mini Giant in the happening???

2014-07-22 19.14.52

  • Name: AB
  • District: Hooghly
  • Innovation: Localized Wifi Broadband Services
  • Background: Polytechnic Diploma in Telco
  • Self Investment: 10+ lakhs (??)
  • Source of Money: Local IT service business
  • Scalability: Can move into tower operations


A Plastic mini Giant in the making with some grooming:

Hussain from Murshidabad

  • Name: MH
  • District: Murshidabad
  • Innovation: Plastic rag-picker to moulded plastic business
  • Background: Class 8 dropout
  • Business Size: INR 10+ crores (??)
  • Source of Money: Organic Growth
  • Scalability: Can become an Ambani???:-)


A rural revolution in making for mass sanitary napkin:

Nupur Mukherjee from Howrah with Arunachalam


  • Name: NM
  • District: Howrah
  • Innovation: 400 women transforming lives making transitioning from making hand-made sanitary napkins to automated production with the help of Arunachalam Muruganathan’s machines
  • Background: Class 12 pass
  • Business Size: INR 1+ crores (??)
  • Source of Money: Organic Growth
  • Scalability: Can become a scalable enterprise mixing rural women force with machine


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