TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs – Admission Open: Session 2021-2022 – TSFE Kolkata, TSFE Kalimpong, TSFE Jadugoda & TSFE Gangtok

TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs – Admission Open: Session 2018-2020 – TSFE Kolkata, Kalimpong, Jadugoda & Gangtok Centres a combination of virtual and physical classes  (Click here to apply or for inquiry)TSFE New Standee 13 December 2016 Top Part

Application is open for the New Session for TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs www.tsfe.in in Kolkata, Kalimpong, Jadugoda and Gangtok effective January 01, 2021. Please whatsapp 7003625771 or 8777652767 if you are interested. This is the only full time program in India which assures an ASPIRING Student or Youth Entrepreneur to be transformed into an Investible Scalable Entrepreneur. An exclusive program for 2 years for maximum 30 most eligible student or youth aspiring to become entreprepreneurs at each centre in #Kolkata, #Kalimpong, #Jadugoda and #Gangtok. TotalStart #TotalStart is the knowledge partner for #TSFE to conduct this program and two other programs, an “Entrepreneurship in Residence Program” for 3 months and a program to scale for Startupreneurs who have started their journey in last 1 to 3 years.

TSFE‘s unique program for 2 years discovers and develops THE RIGHT ASPIRANT with THE FIRE IN THE BELLY and THE DREAM IN THE EYESchosen through a gruelling selection process to become an entrepreneur at the end of the 2nd year running an enterprise which is built with the foundation of a scalable enterprise, which can in due course be funded by both financial institutions and/or Angel or VC Funding with the running companies kick starting POC or next stage. The proof of the pie is in the pudding, so unless we do not get TSFE-ites to be be kick starting on their startups which can possible scale to a certain level and for that it’s foundation is built, we do not believe we have delivered. Our Select Faculty Mentors are either high level intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs who are on their hard path of success and growth, and many serially failed and successful entrepreneurs who knows best the path of entrepreneurship.
Undergraduates and Postgraduates in any discipline who wants to pursue the path of becoming an entrepreneur, be their own boss, have the opportunity to earn in crores, should positively explore TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs’ 2 year elite program which promises to deliver to you the following, if you have the hard capability to walk in full stride with us and have real fire in the belly:

  • A running scalable and sustainable company at the end of 2 years
  • Initial Traction of revenue of up to Rs 10 lakhs at the end of the program
  • Sure Funding by Financial Institutions of up to Rs 1 crore 
  • A certificate for successful program completion in Partnership with MSME Department, Government India or MSDE Department Govt of India or Equivalent Government Body
  • In case a student is not keen to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship, with the experience gained through this program, a sure shot opportunity to be placed in a good company as an intrapreneur manager
  • This program is run by the best resources pulled from the Entrepreneurship World in India who are either established Entrepreneurs or top intrapreneur managers from leading companies in the country



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