TotalStart is engaged in Strenthening and Scaling FPCs in Meghalaya under MOVCDNER scheme

TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs launches programs across 6 TSFE Centers launches its flagship product Dokra Royal Beer Mugs

TribalAg FPO Limited being launched

Kalimpong Floriculture FPO Limited being launched

Horasis India Meet – Panel Discussion – Creation of Wealth by the Underprivileged for the Underprivileged

Join us for the live session which was recorded on 24th July 2021 at 3:45 pm for a panel discussion on “Creation of Wealth by the Underprivileged For the Underprivileged” at Horasis India Meeting

To view on Youtube:

To view on Facebook:

Joining with us live on the panel were Senior Industry Leaders and Impactors: Mr. Abraham Stephanos, MD Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited, Mr. CP Gurnani, MD Tech Mahindra, Mr. Vineet Rai, Founder & Chairman Aavishkaar Group, Dr. Suryanil Ghosh Chairman, TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers

Fundraising for Covid Impacted Dokra Artisans

*Support the 400 plus Covid Financially Impacted Dokra Artisan Villagers by funding the Daily Langar*
The 400 plus Dokra Artisan Villagers in Dwariyapur Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal are at the verge of starvation because of the prolonged Covid situation and hence negligible order since last 18 months. Please visit the website of the *Dokra Artisans* of the Villages of Dwariyapur Purba Bardhaman and Bikna Bankura for more details and use the link below to support them during this very difficult times. You can either give advance for order or fund for one or more days for a langar feeding 400+ villagers. And for most recent update check their facebook page. To contribute Click on the button below

Fundraising for Visually Challenged Youth Enterprise Project

Dear Sir/Madam,
On the appeal above you see me Pradip Das and below you see the appeal from Pradip Sarkar. We are both Visually Challenged Youth Entrepreneur from the Underprivileged Community. We have dedicated the last 6 years of our lives in creating this organization Mushroomers – A Visually Challenged and Differently Abled Youth Enterprise along with our fellow visually challenged and differently abled youth colleagues, with the sole mission to create gainful dignified engagement for visually challenged and differently abled youth, along with support for marginal farmers, catering to a market both urban and rural with a super food high in protein and nutritious ingredients, here in case mushroom. We are not only creating dignified engagement and sustainable livelihood for our fellow underprivileged visually challenged and differently abled youth, but also enabling the process of creation of wealth for us, by making our community members shareholders in the company…(Note: Please see the attachment) and also the fund raising link shared here: Read more about us on this link

Please donate generously to our cause and spread it to your network if you believe in the cause of us the visually challenged youth entrepreneurs. We are carving out our own future in these very difficult times and just need a push. Please use the payment link provided above to donate. We are fund raising for an amount of around Rs 55 lakhs for three parts of our project for the FY 2021-2022. In the attachment you can find the budget requirement for the full year. Part of it we are trying through financial institutions or CSR Funding and Rs 20 lakhs through crowd funding as individual donations. We leave it to the individual how much he or she can contribute on a particular project. Individual Donors have donated between Rs. 25,000 to Rs 2,00,000 in the past. But we leave it up to the donors what they want to, however small it is, it is a great help.  Seek your help at an individual level directly or through aggregation through your network or at a corporate level, whichever way you can help us the best. We need your support to firstly sustain through this very difficult covid times and support our 100 plus visually challenged youth beneficiaries and as soon as the pandemic is in relative control, work on further building the foundation of the enterprise which we have started building on since our legal inception in November 2019, which got heavily impacted because of this 18 month long pandemic. Thank you very much in advance for your very kind support.

Warm regards, Pradip Sarkar & Pradip Das, Visually Challenged Youth Entrepreneurs, Director/CEO & Co-founder, MushroomAg Private Limited, | | E: | M/WA: +917063783073 | +919749077674

TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers is proud to become a corporate member of the older chamber of commerce and industries in the country The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Path of Entrepreneurship is a path of love, which however many times you get jilted you cannot give up as it is an intrinsic need for the ones who have once tread the path. Just like you have fallen in love once, and you cannot stop seeking love and you carry on until you get it. And as we know love keeps you satiated for a while, and then you seek for new love, maybe in the same relationship or in a new one. For a chemically brain driven entrepreneur it is mostly the same. He/she either finds out new ways of doing things within his or her enterprise, by exploring and expanding, or seek new opportunities and new adventures in creating new ventures, new enterprises. The driving force behind a true real entrepreneur, the chemically driving substance institutionalized in ones brain is the continuously dynamic super-active DNA of Creativity, of creating something new, something which challenges one more than the last one. An entrepreneur aspires to feel like a God in ones pursuit of creativity and creation. The God Feeling (without really realizing for oneself) is the ultimate self realization of an entrepreneur, his/her Moksha, Moksha in creation and creativity.

Incorporating Community Based Scalable MSEs in 2020-2021

TotalStart has started incubation and initiated the incorporation of three scalable community based micro and small enterprises in FY 2020-2021. One in the District of Kalimpong in West Bengal, one across several districts across Eastern and North Eastern India and another in the District of Bankura and East Burdwan in West Bengal

Technology Enabled MSME Incubators

MSME Dept. Governtment of India, recognizes two MSME incubators of TotalStart, respectively in Bengal and Jharkhand in January 2020.

Government of India DC-MSME, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs through Incubators

Scalable MSEs Incorporated

TotalStart incorporates three scalable micro and small community based enterprises in FY 2019-2020. Two in Jharkhand and one in Bengal.

PMYUVA 2.0 Pilot Program

TotalStart launches PMYUVA 2.0 Pilot Program in Eastern India as an Implementation Partner of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt of India, in January 2020. It was supposed to be completed by March 2020, but got extended several times and finally got wrapped by March 2021.

TotalStart receives National Entrepreneurship Award 2019

In January 2019, Receives the National Entrepreneurship Award for the year 2018 as the Mentor Organization in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders Track. Conducted and hosted annually by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

NEAS 2018 Awards

 Innovation and Incubation Centers for Machine Learning (IICML)

A Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centers Initiative

25th. November 2017 was a special day on the annals of East and North East India’s History where we soft launched the first Innovation and Incubation Center for Machine Learning (IICML). On 4th. May 2018, from 10 am.-1 pm., we are hard launched it at Kolkata at Software Technology Parks of India – Kolkata, WEBEL STP II, 2nd Floor, BN-53, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091. We will not limit it by defining it structurally either physically or conceptually. It should take its own shape, same way as a Machine Learning Entity Learns with time and evolves. We are launching IICML as a Networked Centers Approach where we are opening one physical center in each state capital in East and North East India wherever there is an IIT, NIT, IIIT or any Technology Institute of Excellence and with strong collaboration with the local State Government and the R&D of the Technology Institutes and any Govt. R&D Labs. The first one hard launched in Kolkata on 4th May 2018 is happening with the guidance from the State Govt. of Bengal’s IT&E Department, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and with Software Technology Parks of India, Kolkata as a Strategic & Supporting Partner and with strong engagement with IIT KGP, IIT Delhi, WBUT, IIEST Shibpur, Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, ISI Calcutta, IIM Calcutta, IIM Shillong, IIT Patna, IIT Guwahati, IIT Bhubaneshwar, Manipur University, IISER Kolkata, JNU New Delhi and select others and most importantly with steering of several AI and Machine Learning Leaders nationally and globally. IICML is part of the vision of Catalyzing Curating and Incubating Deep Tech Innovation in India across R&D Labs and Technology Institutes of Excellence – through Innovation and Incubation Networked Centers Initiative

TotalStart Scaling District Entrepreneurs Top Part of BannerTOTALSTART‘s FLAGSHIP PROGRAM – the annual hunt for the 50 groomable micro or small but scalable district level micro entrepreneurs (with revenue less than 5 crores) or small entrepreneurs or prospective incubatable MSEs or startupreneurs for each of the twenty five (25) Regional District Hubs spread across select eleven (11) states in India – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura & Uttarakhand has been re-launched again for the Years 2020 – 2022. URGENTLY REGISTER BELOW FOR:


TSFE New Standee 13 December 2016 Top PartNew Session Application for 2018-2020 started in April 15th. 2018 for our TSFE Gangtok and Kolkata Centers! Open to all aspiring students passing out from any degree college who wants to make entrepreneurship a career choice! Take on the challenging but rewarding path of becoming an entrepreneur! Be a job giver and not a job seeker! TSFEThe School For Entrepreneurs

Each Center has max 30 seats each in two of the running centers: Gangtok and Kolkata, but prefer to run a batch of 20 for their 2 year program. If interested in getting an admission to TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs, Please send a facebook friend invite to Cornelia Heinen the Director of TSFE or whatsApp to 7003625771/72 or email your CV to or APPLY ONLINE

Catalyzing, Curating and Incubating Deep Tech Innovation in India – Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centers Initiative

Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centers Initiative
TotalStart has initiated the facilitation of the first Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centres Initiative to catalyse, curate and incubate deep tech innovation in India focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, IOT, Business Intelligence and other non Information Technology areas. Discussions have been kick-started with several state Governments in India for support. This will be the first and one of a kind initiative in the country where there will be strong cross country collaboration between Germany, Israel, Canada, US and for sure within India both across Research Institutions and Industries to develop Collaborative Solution using deep technology directly applicable for the industry, having strong commercial viability, value and scalability. VCs and deep pocketed Tech HNIs have also been lined up to support. We are engaging with Industry who will sponsor and support industry focused solutions specific to their industry in this space. We are reaching out to some of our networked friends who we believe, believes in excellence and would like to support the pursuance of it. We strongly believe in getting national and global level support and already seeing early signs for it in our endeavour to create a world class Deep Tech Networked Collaborative Innovation and Incubation Program in India with cross industry and cross top Indian and global research collaboration to bring in excellence to our world of creating deep innovation led technology solutions resolving real world gaps or probing into new areas to resolve problems which lies in the future. We are also closely working out with DIPP, MEITY, DST and Niti Aayog, Govt. Of India on this.


TOTALSTART‘s FLAGSHIP PROGRAM the annual hunt for the 10 to 20 groomable micro or small but scalable district level entrepreneurs or prospective startupreneurs for each of the three countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal has been NEWLY LAUNCHED for the Years 2018 – 2020 through a series of 3-4 seminar / workshops in each country as a part of TotalStart Bangladesh / Bhutan / Nepal’s Startup BootCamp Series 2018-2010 program for those countries. The district level startupreneurs (also prospective ones) will be mentored and hand-held to be successful and made to become VC or large investment fund investible in the 2 year TotalMentor Business Mentoring Program. The boot camps in each country will be on for next 4-6 months till 30th. September 2019 with 3 to 4 Start-Up BootCamp workshops in each country to be conducted by the country’s local TotalStart Innovation and Incubation Center or TotalStart Partner with the support of the TotalStart International District innovation & Incubation Unit Programs. To apply one should reach out to TotalStart at or register below on links given.



9th and 10th March 2017 – Fintech Valley Vizag Spring Conference 2017. Stepping Stones towards creating a Fintech Hub in India in Vizag. TotalStart #TotalStart is engaged as an Advisor and Strategic Partner to the initiative of Andhra Pradesh Government.

Fintech Valley Vizag Spring Conference

TotalStart Sikkim’s 6th. and 7th Startup Bootcamp workshop got concluded on 22nd. & 24th Feb at Jorethang and at TotalStart Sikkim Innovation and Incubation Center, at STPI Building in Tadong Gangtok. It was a mild success with startup ideas on social impact profit businesses on hand knotted carpet using hundreds of existing skilled and trained Carpet Weavers in Sikkim and scalable poultry farming and chicken processing backward integrating with small village level poultry farmers. Wishing the startups a great journey ahead. We are there for their journey. We plan to continue for the second day today at 3-6 pm, interested startups or startup ideas can join. TotalStart Sikkim’s hunt for Year 2016 for the 10 groomable entrepreneurs to be mentored and hand-holded to be successful in our 2 year program is on for the next 5 months with 5 more StartUp BootCamp workshops to be conducted at TotalStart Sikkim Innovation and Incubation Center.
15th. January 2016: Scaling and Funding Workshop for the Artificial Flower Manufacturing Cluster Entrepreneurs:

On the request of an young entrepreneur from Guptipara, Hooghly West Bengal, we carried out the first scaling and funding workshop for the plastic flower manufacturing cluster’s entrepreneurs, followed by a tour of the facilities and process of the 50+ odd entrepreneurs, but selectively of 5 of them to understand the process. Lot can be done here along with the cluster development efforts of MSME&T Department of Government of West Bengal.


13th. Jan 2016: “TotalStart Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative’s 4th. workshop” at “TotalStart Blind Youth Innovation & Incubation Center” in collaboration with the “Society for the Welfare of the Blind”:

Very focused very action driven workshop was conducted. Ensuing visits to Jeerat in Hooghly District for reviewing the possibility of opening a scalable Piggery/Goatery in Jeerat for the team lead by a Santhal Blind Youth from our Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Center and a scheduled visit to Malda, North Bengal  for exploring the possibility of opening a Mango Pulp Processing Unit by a Malda Blind Youth.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ team in action in Episode 5 of Egiye Bangla ( TV reality show for Bengal Startups conducted by Dept of MSME&T, Govt. of West Bengal showcased on 5th. January 2016 on Zee-Bangla TV. The team was selected by the jury from 400+ startups from Bengal.
TotalStart is delighted to partner with Dept of MSME&T, Govt. of West Bengal & IIM Calcutta Innovation Park as both Screening Jury Partner & Mentor Partner for the pre-show stage of the live TV-Reality show Egiye Bangla for the Micro & Small Entrepreneurs from the Districts of Bengal. This is in due recognition of our knowledge and expertise from the MSME&T Dept & IIMCIP and for the ground level extensive work we are and have carried out through our flagship program in Bengal: TotalStart Bengal District Innovation & Incubation Unit Initiative – where we annually choose 20 select scalable micro and small ‪#‎DistrictEntrepreneurs‬ for our 2 year foundation building program for scaling and financing and get then assured funding and build their base for high growth.
Healthypariwar (a TotalStart Incubatee) is a Primary Healthcare service delivery initiative in parts of Districts of Burdwan and Bankura in West Bengal India, working with the mission to “Helping Underserved Families Realize Healthier Tomorrow” and adjudged as TOP 20 Social Enterprises in India in 2013 by TATA Foundation and IIM-C. Healthypariwar is organizing a series of Panel Discussion on Primary Healthcare – its importance, challenges of service delivery at the last mile and the possible solutions, 24th September, Thursday, from 3pm at Raniganj. With the coming together of academicians, industry stalwarts and government officials in various panel discussions on the day, we wish to start a regular dialogue with the community which will help in germinating new ideas and initiatives thereby creating a healthier society. Healthypariwar will be organizing a series of Panel Discussion on various aspects of Primary Healthcare – its Importance, Challenges of service delivery and possible solutions.  1st of its kind discussion forum bringing together Academicians, Industry stalwarts and Government and community officials. Please click here for the event page for details.
Invitation Healthy Pariwar Sep 2015

2nd. Workshop – TotalStart Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative: TotalStart Bengal the local operation of TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers, a section 25 not for profit company focused on developing entrepreneurship ecosystem in entrepreneurially less developed regions in the country is organzing at Sheoraphuli-Rajbati, 125 N C Ghosh Sarani, Sheoraphuli, Hooghly, West Bengal, INDIA 712223 on 23rd of September 2015 the “TotalStart Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative’s 2nd workshop” at “TotalStart Blind Youth Innovation & Incubation Center” in collaboration with the “Society for the Welfare of the Blind”. For details go to event page!


TotalStart focuses on entrepreneurship development in Academic Institutions amongst it’s other programs. This was TotalStart’s first program at Indian Institute of Technology, BHU. Dr. Shurjo Ghosh,Chairperson – Bengal Chamber Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Chairman of TotalStart was the chief facilitator and mentor for this seminar/lecture on 8th of September 2015 in Varanasi!
Scaling the Micro-entrepreneurs of Varanasi – A half day hands-on workshop: Varanasi is a nerve center of Spiritual India, but very interestingly it is also a nerve center of micro-entrepreneurs in Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of micro and small entrepreneurs are surviving and thriving in this microcosm of spirited nerve center of the country. We carried out a workshop here on 7th. September 2015 for the local micro-entrepreneurs. The attempt of this hands-on workshop was to explore whether some of these spirited young and old entrepreneurs can be scaled. To explore whether the new world of entrepreneurship development can be connected to this old world of entrepreneurial spirit in link with spirituality and religion!



TotalStart TotalIncube Program for IIT Kharagpur, Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship was kick-started on 29th. August 2015 at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. 100 students enrolled in the program of Entrepreneurship in the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, IIT Kharagpur will be going through a series of 4 one day intensive workshops and a 6 month long online and offline mentoring session through this program. This program is result oriented. Expected after this program, we will be able to get a few scalable micro or small startups or startup ideas which can get a seed investment for these startups to kick off!


TotalStart Bengal launched at Sheoraphuli-Rajbati, 125 N C Ghosh Sarani, Sheoraphuli, Hooghly, West Bengal, INDIA 712223 on 23rd of August 2015 the “TotalStart Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative” and inaugurated “TotalStart Blind Youth Innovation & Incubation Center” in collaboration with the “Society for the Welfare of the Blind”. This new initiative is a call from the Blind Student’s staying at the Blind Student Hostel at Rajbati, Sheoraphuli, Hooghly, West Bengal, India being supported by an initiative taken up by the Society of the Welfare of the Blind (an NGO started by Swami Lokeshwarananda of Ramkrishna Mission), supported by South Suprayas (an NGO started by pass-outs from RKMV, Narendrapur from 1979 batch) and Sheoraphuli Rajbati Barataraf Trust. About 15-20 blind students are selected annually to stay at this blind hostel at Sheoraphuli Rajbati. They are either studying for their grade 12 exams in local schools and/or undergraduate programs in local colleges in and around Kolkata. After graduation there is very less possibility for these blind students to get a job.


TotalStart Bihar Innovation & Incubation Unit Initiative1st. Workshop on Scaling & Funding for Micro or Small Scalable Enterprises: TotalStart is working towards opening/supporting an Incubation center in Bihar and carrying out District Level Mentoring for District Level MSMEs with District Industries Centers of Bihar Goverment’s Industry Department. With all these activities of TotalStart Bihar getting initiated, the Mentor & Governance Board of TotalStart decided to organize a teaser wrt TotalStart’s Bihar’s programs and initiatives in Bihar with a workshop on Scaling and Angel / Venture Capital Funding for startupreneurs in Patna and surrounding Districts of Patna on 21st. August 2015 hosted by Bihar Industries Association ( at their premises in Patna with strategic support from Bihar Entrepreneurship Association ( It was well participated by select entrepreneurs from BIA and BEA.


TotalStart Blind Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative has been initiated with the support from Society for the Welfare of the Blind, an NGO supporting the welfare of the blind youth in Bengal; South Suprayas, an NGO supporting the well being of ex-teachers, staff and poor students of Ramkrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur, West Bengal, India and Sheoraphuli Raj Debattar Trust (Barataraf).


CLICK  for details on the 2nd.  TotalStart Bengal Startup Boot Camp 2015 on 30th & 31st July 2015 at District Industries Center, Bankura for Scaling and Funding MSMEs in Bankura with Dept. of MSME&T, Govt. of West Bengal. Program Agenda and Past Event Photos.


TotalStart is working towards kick-starting TotalStart Uttarakhand District Innovation & Incubation Unit starting off at the Districts of Nainital, Haldwani, Kashipur & Rudrapur. Tentatively in July 2015 the first Bootcamp for 2-3 days will be carried out for 25-30 small scalable entrepreneurs for scaling and funding.


CLICK  for details on the 1st.  TotalStart Bengal Startup Boot Camp 2015 on 30th & 31st MAY 2015 at Synergy MSME North 24PGNS & Nadia at Panihati with Dept. of MSME&T, Govt. of West Bengal. Program Agenda and Past Event Photos.


CLICK  for details on the 4th. & 5th.  TotalStart Sikkim Startup Boot Camp 2015 on 26th & 27th MAY 2015 at Hotel Rangeet Valley, Jorethang, Sikkim and at TotalStart Sikkim Innovation & Incubation Center, STPI Gangtok, Sikkim Jewel Complex, NH 31A, tadong, Gangtok, Sikkim. Program Agenda and Past Event Photos. Buy Tickets for the workshop event!


CLICK  for details on TotalStart Bengal Startup Boot Camp 2015 launched on 13TH MAY 2015 at Williamson Magor Hall, Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, 6 N S Road, Kolkata 700001. Program Agenda and Event Photos


Times of India Media Coverage on 14th. May 2015Times of India - 14.05.2015 - TotalStart Bengal District Innovation & Incubation Unit Launch Press Coverage

TotalStart‘s annual hunt for the 20 groomable small scalable district level entrepreneurs or prospective startupreneurs for each of the four states of Bengal, Bihar, Sikkim & Tripura has been launched through a series of 6-12 seminar / workshops in each state as a part of TotalStart Bengal/Sikkim/Tripura/Bihar‘s Startup BootCamp 2015 program for the states. The district level startupreneurs (also prospective ones) will be mentored and hand-held to be successful and made to become VC or large investment fund investible in the 2 year TotalMentor Business Mentoring Program. The boot camps in each state will be on for 4-6 months till 30th. September 2015 with 6 to 12 Start-Up BootCamp workshops in each state to be conducted by the state’s local TotalStart Innovation and Incubation Center with the creation of the TotalStart (State) District innovation & Incubation Unit. To apply one should reach out to TotalStart at or register below on links given.



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Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. (NLS) is a global cradle to career child care and educational services provider, headquartered in Kolkata. Since their inception in 2012, their focus has always been into the highest standard of childcare and education through their brand "Little Laureates". They are one of the first digitally enabled preschool chains in Eastern India. The World around us is changing, reminding us always to be ready for the future. Keeping that in mind, at Little Laureates, they are actively involved in delivering education in a way that keeps the child always ahead of the rest. Unlike conventional institutes, who are still into the old time rate based system of memorization, restricting children to think differently and excel in multiple skills, at Little Laureates, they hone their general skills in an innovative & progressive manner, allowing them to think and act in a better way. They presently have 50 own pre-schools across Eastern India.